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Along with Losar, Torgya is one of the main festivals celebrated in the Tawang. It usually takes place in January and involves Cham dances (masked dances), rituals, prayers, and offerings to deities for peace and prosperity.

With increasing awareness of the negative impacts of stress and overwork, more people are seeking ways to prioritize quality of life over material wealth or status. Our video on slow living captures slow living in Sangti.


This was our first trip to the Himalayas in proper winter and WE ARE GLAD WE DID IT despite so many hassles to make the trip happen. The scenic vistas were awesome!

Hello from the snowy landscape of Dhankar! In this part, we go to the ancient Tabo monastery and caves and lose our breaths in Dhankar.

We bring you breathtaking visuals from the world’s highest post office, restaurant and polling station. We were elated to sent postcards to our friends and family too !!

This is the final installment of the Spiti Series. We bring, to you, in this part the regular life of a remote Himalayan village aka THE FOSSIL VILLAGE of India : LANGZA!


This Teaser is a small look-in into our Meghalaya Travel Series. Meghalaya has a lot of places – uncountable water falls, cleverly hidden treks, scenic roads and low lying valleys along the Bangladesh border.

What was ours is now yours. Sharing the first part of our mesmerising Meghalaya journey with you from the Series. This episode has our Double Decker Root Bridge and Dawki experiences covered.

There is a very interesting story behind the Mawryngkhang rock. It might just be a myth, or might hold some degree of truth; there is no way to establish either. But that makes this trek a lot more interesting.

We appreciate with all our heart, all the support you have given us throughout the series. Our next trip is almost upon us now, and we will be back soon with new experiences to share with you guys!!


The thing about travel is that the same montage of clips evokes unique emotions from each person, that’s the beauty of it. When I reached UAE, I had a prior picture in my mind. But once the sand of this place settled on my shoulders, I could never shake it off.

New year, new beginnings. October last year, we ventured into this tiny country called Bhutan and all we brought back are invaluable experiences and happy memories. So we decided to keep them all in one place. ENJOY and hit the like button if you liked it.

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