We are Upasana and Amlan, also known by our online monikers Acute Bear & Obtuse Llama respectively. We are mountaineers and adventure travel buffs on a mission to make travel content more informative and insightful. Join us on our journey of mistakes and blunders, discoveries and wonders.

Our Story

We are Upasana and Amlan. By degree, we are engineers from NIT Rourkela but by passion and now soo-to-be full-time profession, we are mountaineers and adventure travelers. Let us put that in a more appealing way – we’ve traded in our caps and gowns for climbing ropes and hiking boots.¬†

Like most other adventurers, our journey began as a side gig, balancing our academics and our adventurous spirits. Whether it’s summiting majestic peaks, navigating dense forests, or simply basking in the wonders of nature, we have¬† dedicated ourselves to capturing the essence of each experience.

Our Mission

At Acute Bear & Obtuse Llama, we embark on a relentless journey to unearth and share the world’s most remote and exhilarating adventures, with a passion for mountaineering at our core. Our mission is to infuse the spirit of exploration and discovery into the hearts of our viewers through the perfect blend of information and entertainment – we call it ‘infotainment.’

Extraordinary Experiences

At ABOL, we aim to be the ultimate source of inspiration for the intrepid traveler and armchair explorer alike. Our commitment to delivering infotainment based on the world’s remotest adventures and mountaineering is unwavering, and we invite you to join us on this incredible journey of discovery, enlightenment, and excitement. Together, we’ll explore the world’s most challenging terrain and celebrate the indomitable human spirit.


Our Core Values

We believe that the world’s most remote and challenging terrains hold stories of unparalleled beauty, courage, and the human spirit’s unyielding quest for adventure. With unwavering commitment, we explore the farthest corners of the globe to bring these remarkable tales to your screens. Our values are rooted in 3 Es:

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